Our rates are dependent on what drill you need and how far away your site is located.  If you need to use more than one drill on the same day, we may able to fit them both in the same truck.

Our prices include all tools, accessories, spare parts, decontamination materials, mobile phone, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Even if you need more equipment such as a water level meter, interface meter, PID, gastech, surveying equipment (among other equipment), we’ll even supply that at no charge; just make sure and let us know you need it so we can bring it along with us.

If we are doing a multi day project out of town, we will charge you our costs for accommodation and meals with no mark-up or administrative charges.

Our well supply prices are among the best in the drilling industry. If you find well supplies at lower prices somewhere else, please let us know.

Contract Drilling and Field Services – Rate Sheet
Task / Item Unit Price
Mini Mole $185/hr*
Big Beaver $175/hr*
Pionjar or Rota-Hammer or PEP $140/hr*
Mileage/mobilization (all drills) (125km min.) $2/km
Indoor Kit (per job) $150
Standby Rate $100/hr
Overtime** add $40/hr**
Weekends add $80/hr
Nights add $100/hr
Concrete core machine/bit usage $40/hole
Service Truck $1/km
Extra Technician and shop time $60/hr
Well record and tag $125
Accommodation / meals At cost
Decon materials No Charge
Pressure washer and water tank No Charge
Supplies (1″ or 2″ wells)
Item Costs
Sand $18
Holeplug & Benseal $22
Screen (5 feet) $35
Screen (10 feet) $50
Riser (5 feet) $20
Riser (10 feet) $35
Slip Cap $5
Threaded Cap or Point $15
J Plug (Lockable) $20
Lock (weather resistant) $20
Flushmount or aboveground casing $100
Small Royer Flushmount (4″) $75
Concrete and Coldpatch $25
Waterra Tubing $0.40/foot
Waterra Valves – (D25/D16) $20
Bailer (small and large) $15
Drum (45gal) $45
Sand traps $3

Prices do not include taxes

Note: Indoor kit charge applies to all indoor project and includes concrete core machine, shop vac, generator, lights, exhaust kit, long hydraulic hoses, air exhaust machine, broom, mop/bucket, squeegee, hammer drill, coring anchors, plastic sheeting, alturnamats

*Kodiak offers a discount of $10/hr from our drilling rates for invoices that are paid within 45 days

** Overtime includes drilling hours beyond 8hrs/day, or for more than 12hrs/day total time (for mobe, drilling and demobe – i.e., door to door from Kodiak offices).

All Utility Locates Must Be Completed Before Any Drilling Program Can Begin